Learning Activities

This page is meant to supplement a classroom-style learning that may occur for the participants in a CDC.

For Students

Here is the student activity page.  It’s got all the activities listed out, as well as what you’ll learn in each.  It’s probably good to do these AFTER you’ve learned the material, but I suppose if you’re just that awesome, you can try them out beforehand.  I mean, who am I to tell you anything anyway!  Have fun! (oops, sorry – there I go again. )

For Learning Facilitators

Here is the page for learning facilitators.  In addition to the activities listed out, as well as the learning outcomes for each activity, you’ll find the various activities put into a printer-friendly format, as well as the occasional supplement just for you, giving suggestions, extra information, suggested responses, etc.

That’s right students, suggested responses.  They’re freely accessible.  But your teacher knows that too, so just reading back the answers you stole earlier won’t cut it – do your own thinking! 😉


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